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Sound: Education and professional practice
Larry Sider

In 2016, a new course - the European Master of Arts in Sound (EMAS) - will begin teaching a new curriculum that integrates practice and theory across all the arts and media in a 2-year degree course. This purpose of this panel is to 1) present the concepts that lie behind EMAS and 2) explore the relationships between education and practice - both commercial and cultural - in working with sound.

The panel will be in two halves. In the first part, members of the EMAS steering group will present the course, the thinking behind it and the unique curriculum that has been created. This will be followed by guest speakers who will present ideas about the relationships between teaching sound in art schools and universities and the realities of working in a professional practice, be it commercial or artistic.

The second part of the session will be open to contributions from the audience, both to question the panel members and to elaborate on their statements. Ideally, the principles on which EMAS is founded will serve as a provocation for a deeper debate.

Areas to be covered include:

  • The origins of EMAS: 
    A curriculum built by a group of interested educators and practitioners rather than a course organised by a university.
  • Integrating traditional areas of sound theory and practice with other disciplines such as performance, improvisation, fine art.
  • The role of research. The relationship between research and creativity.
  • Why is sound so often addressed through interdisciplinary practice/research?
  • Is it possible to focus on sound itself or will it forever be music’s second cousin or part of a multimedia practice?
  • How do you teach listening?
  • Is there an inherent conflict between technology and creativity?
  • What are the connections between what the students learn and what they will need in their practice?
  • What does the “industry” want? Define “industry”. And does there have to be a relationship between the academy and industry?

Panel members from EMAS

  • Martine Huvenne, School of Art Gent
  • Annabelle Pangborn
  • Antii Ikonen, Aalto
  • Larry Sider, School of Sound

Guest panelists

  • Rod Stoneman (Director of the Huston School of Film and Digital Media, National University of Ireland, Galway, member of SIAV/EMAS Resonance Group
  • Hans Peter Kuhn (Sound Artist and Professor at Universität der Künste Berlin)
  • Martin Parker (Composer and Sound Artist; Programme Director MSc Sound Design, University of Edinburgh)