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Keynote speaker Norie Neumark

Mapping Soundfields: a user’s manual
In this talk I will reflect upon my own and others’ journeys between sound theory and sound practice, through a series of map-making exercises – from cartes de tendre (charting emotions) to psychogeographic derives (deploying tactics) to enchanted maps (wondering at the possibilities). I will wander across noisy (mine)fields and walk the precarious paths between the devil (of academia) and the deep blue sea (of sound art). I will track voices and sounds as they, and we, go on and off the rails.  In this ‘wayfaring’, I will draw inspiration from Aboriginal Australian songlines, ’pataphysical nonsense and new materialist meshworks and assemblages – taking time to breathe, to listen, to overhear, to remember, to tune in and out, to play, and to get lost. And, along the way, I will think about the matter and materials of working between sound studies and sound practices.

Norie Neumark works across sound studies and sound/media artmaking. As a sound/media artist, she collaborates with Maria Miranda as out-of-sync. Their media artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, the most recent work being Coalface. Norie’s radiophonic essays have been broadcast in the US and Australia, most recently, Spacejunk, on ABC Radio National 360. Norie’s sound studies research and writing is currently focused on voice and the new materialist turn. She was lead editor of Voice: vocal aesthetics in digital art and media (Norie Neumark, Ross Gibson, Theo van Leeuwen, eds. MIT Press, 2010). During Spring 2014, she has been Guest Professor at The Department of Aesthetics and Communication (Section for Aesthetics and Culture), Aarhus University, Denmark. She is Director of the Centre for Creative Arts and Professor and Chair in Media Studies, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.