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Designing the Sound of Popular Culture
Carla J. Maier & Holger Schulze

Our everyday life is punctuated and encircled by sounds emerging from a variety of devices connected to our daily lives like smartphones, urban guidance systems, streaming services  and household appliances. Who designs this unwitting/unintentional soundtrack to our daily urban life? Where has the idea of the BEEP its roots and how does it end up in our smartphone? Does the sound design of my tumble dryer follow any conventions/preconceptions?

This panel explores various aspects of popular culture concerning its sound design: aspects of working environments and presentational conflicts, the sociology and the phenomenology of contemporary highly elaboratedly designed sound sculptures in the vernacular sphere.

The focus of this panel is therefore twofold: What are the organizational structures, the working processes and the actual practices that guide these sound design decisions? And how are those artefacts actually implemented as dispositives for specific modes to be sensed by listeners? Largely personal and corporeal listening practices are in our discussion understood as intertwined and confronted with an outstretched and hegemonial apparatus and its techniques in everyday life.

Panel XVIII: Designing the Sound of Popular Culture
Chairs: Carla Müller-Schulzke and Holger Schulze
Time: Saturday 15:45-17:45

  • Schneider, Max: Sonic Conflicts: how (not) to aquire, to pitch & to implement a functional sound
  • Kassabian, Anahid:Time killer games, sound, and time: from Tetris to Candy Crush Saga  
  • Bonz, Jochen: Abduction by Nostalgia and the Insistence of the Unintelligible–Reflections on two Major Modes of Sensing Sound