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Film, Sound Studies, and the Post-digital 
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Contemporary cinema in its essentially digital realm incorporates novel techniques such as digital multi-track ‘sync’ recording, multichannel surround sound mixing and digital distribution that reorder the typical organization of cinematic sound. These practices manifest themselves in novel modes of cinematic experience, thereby contrasting with the earlier mono-aural or stereophonic formats by reconfiguring the linear construct of a ‘soundtrack’ toward a spatially evocative sound environment. The ramifications of this, cinema adapting to a new technology, is far-reaching, though it is particularly evident in the way filmmaking has changed through the production practice of sound in cinema in its present digital realm. The digitalization of cinema also makes a substantial impact on aesthetic choices and creative strategies made with cinematic sound. In turn, at the point of reception, these transitions reconfigure audience perception of the cinematic space contrasting considerably with earlier cinematic experience in the mono-aural and stereophonic settings.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider these changes in practice or technique and the resultant transformation in the aesthetic choices, strategies and spatial experiences they trigger if we want to obtain a thorough understanding of the implications digital technologies infer on film sound. The proposed panel invites contributions from film sound scholars to instigate renewed discourses to this end.

Panel III: Listening in the Cinema
Chair: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Time: Friday 15-17

  • Silva, Manuel Deniz: “Well, yous’ll want to keep a dead silence...”: listening to the gramophone in Alfred Hitchcock’s Juno and the Paycock (1929)     
  • Lønstrup, Ansa: The double space of public RadioCinema
  • Larsen, Charlotte Rørdam: Cinema and/or concert – experiencing live music cinema

Panel IX: Sound in Post-digital Cinema
Chair: Morten Michelsen
Time: Saturday 9-11

  • Chattopadhyay, Budhaditya: From Soundtrack to the Sound Environment: Listening in the Post-digital Cinema
  • Huvenne, Martine: Auditory filmic space, the audiovisual chord and the situated audience
  • Stanley, Sarah K.: The Electronic Pulse of Visual Media: Montage verses Sampling