Program Saturday – Københavns Universitet

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Preliminary Program Saturday 28 June

09:00 – 11:00 Papers

  • Panel VII: Evaluating Sound and Music
    Chair: Charlotte Rørdam
    • Kroier, Johann: Rethinking the sound-music-interface: Sonology vs. Sonophenomenology?
    • Viel, Massimiliano: Patterns and distinctions of listening
    • Mulder, Jos: A sound studies perspective on Live Sound (or vice versa)
  • Panel VIII: Methodologies of Sound Studies I
    Chair: Holger Schulze
    • Bijsterveld, Karin: Snippets of Sonic Evidence: What Sound Studies can Learn from Archeology
    • Andean, James: Sonic Narratives: Exploring sound as narrative/studying narrative through sound
    • Murray, Leo: Peirce and sound practice
  • Panel IX: Sound in Post-digital Cinema
    Chair: Morten Michelsen
    • Chattopadhyay, Budhaditya: From Soundtrack to the Sound Environment: Listening in the Post-digital Cinema
    • Huvenne, Martine: Auditory filmic space, the audiovisual chord and the situated audience
    • Stanley, Sarah K.: The Electronic Pulse of Visual Media: Montage verses Sampling
  • Panel X: Resonating Pasts: Sounding out Acoustic Archives II
    Chair: Erik Granly Jensen
    • Bushidi, Cécile Feza: Staging, Recording, and Collecting Music and Dance in Kenya, 1955-1980
    • Müske, Johannes & Fanny Gutsche: Acoustic "Swissness" in the Archive. The History of the "Dür Collection" at Swiss Radio International and the Construction of Cultural Heritage
    • Sarreiter, Regina: How to Present Historical Sound Recordings in a Contemporary Art Exhibition
  • Panel XII: Urban Approaches
    Chair: Jacob Kreutzfeldt
    • Waldock, Jacqueline: Exploitation, Sound and Music Tourism  
    • Wagner, Hans-Ulrich: Sounds like Hamburg. The communicative figurations of spatial identity-building in the past and the analysis of historic sound documents
    • Kerekes, Thomas: Listen to the city  
  • Panel XXV: Listenings
    • Iazzetta, Fernando: Connecting the field: sound studies at NuSom
    • Weisethaunet, Hans: Listen to the Sound of the Silence— and the Noise of 'Sound Studies'
    • Voegelin, Salome & Daniela Cascella: Listening and Writing: Performing Sound Studies

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee
11:30 – 12:45 Norie Neumark: Mapping Soundfields: a user’s manual
12:45 – 14:00 Lunch, MM
14:00 – 15:00 Ann Lislegaard, artist talk
                     Chair: Erik Granly Jensen
15:00 – 15:45 Coffee and  Bloomsbury presentation
15:45 – 17:45 Papers

  • Panel XIV: Methodologies of Sound Studies II
    Chair: Marcel Cobussen
    • Nielbo, Frederik Laigaard: Sound studies – an integrative approach to auditory perception
    • Çağlar, Mehtap: I Hear You: Soundwalking in Tarlabasi
    • Schwesinger, Sebastian & Felix Gerloff: From thinking sound to sound thinking: A Kulturwissenschaft approach to the sonic within culture
  • Panel XVI: Performing Silence I
    Chair: Isabelle Delmotte
    • Campesato, Lílian: Noise and Transgression: an approach to psychoanalysis
    • Stasiowska, Justyna: Mayfair Noise – methodology of performativity sound perception 
    • Vanhanen, Janne: Playing (the) Silence: Listening to the Surface of Sound
  • Panel XVII: Sound: Education and Professional Practice
    Chair: Larry Sider
    • Panel members from EMAS: 
      Martine Huvenne (School of Art Gent)
      Annabelle Pangborn
      Antii Ikonen (University of Aalto)
      Larry Sider (School of Sound)

    • Guest panelists: 

      Rod Stoneman (Director of the Huston School of Film and Digital Media, National University of Ireland, Galway, member of SIAV/EMAS Resonance Group)
      Hans Peter Kuhn (Sound Artist and Professor at Universität der Künste Berlin)
      Martin Parker (Composer and Sound Artist; Programme Director MSc Sound Design, University of Edinburgh)

  • Panel XVIII: Designing the Sound of Popular Culture
    Chair: Holger Schulze
    • Schneider, Max: Sonic Conflicts: how (not) to aquire, to pitch & to implement a functional sound
    • Kassabian, Anahid: Time killer games, sound, and time: from Tetris to Candy Crush Saga  
    • Bonz, Jochen: Abduction by Nostalgia and the Insistence of the Unintelligible–Reflections on two Major Modes of Sensing Sound

18:00 – 18:45 Performance
19:00 – 22:00 Conference dinner in KUA Festsalen
22:00 Drinks at Bryggen